Sep 21, 2019

TPEN Reflection: Family Communication

Most, if not all, of your peer group members are in business with family members. That dynamic presents a unique set of challenges – ownership, family and management systems collide daily in the business and at family gatherings. Conflict is normal; how you handle it makes all the difference. I'm fond of saying that "a dysfunctional family is one that gets along all the time!"

Take Action

Consider how other peer group members have handled family communication. Has it been similar or different than your approach? What have been the results? Are you making the progress you want? Will you commit to try a new approach if your current one isn't working? If it is working, will you please share it with other members of your group? You will all benefit from the discussion and learning.

On behalf of the TPEN facilitation team,
Lance Woodbury

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 FEBRUARY 16-18, 2015